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The Plasser PMC50 is a Prime Mover designed with seating for up to eight (8) personnel and one (1) operator. The PMC50 transports personnel to perform maintenance tasks and provides a versatile work platform for use by maintenance crews. The machine can be equipped with an air compressor, generator, hydraulic crane, couplers, and other special feature per customer specific specifications.

The PMC50 is capable of coupling with other equipment with similar couplers to allow for towing and emergency rescue. Plasser Prime Movers of like configuration can be coupled to allow for tandem operation and increased towing capacity. Electrical, pneumatic and propulsion controls are designed to allow single point operation of multiple pieces of equipment consisting of Plasser Prime Movers and Maintenance Cars.

The PMC50 is capable of moving rolling stock of 120 tons GVW up a 5% grade and 240 tons GVW down a 5% grade. Minimum speed up a 5% grade with a 120-ton load is 5 mph under dry or wet conditions. The machine is also capable of pulling two (2) 40 ton GVW flat cars, maintaining a minimum travel speed of 20 mph on grades of 2.5%. The machine provides the necessary tractive effort, braking capability and other necessary features to move standard work equipment or flat cars.

OPTIONAL FEATURES (Customer Specific):

  • Air Compressor (stand-alone diesel driven)
  • Generator (stand-alone diesel driven)
  • Crane (with or without outriggers)
  • Snow Plow System
  • 3rd Rail Glycol Deployment System
  • Hydraulic Tool Hose Reel System
  • Pneumatic Tool Hose Reel System
  • Vacuum Systems

Technical data (Can be adjusted to customer’s requirements)

Length (over couplers) approx. 58'
Width approx. 8'
Height approx. 11' 9''
Weight approx. 90,000 lb
Wheel Diameter 28''
Travel Speed 25 mph

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