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PBR2005 DB

The Plasser Ballast Regulator with Double Broom, PBR2005 DB, is a heavy-duty, industrial quality ballast profiling and dressing machine with the unique ability to plow, profile and broom in one pass. The PBR2005 DB utilizes a 2 piece machine design.

An extremely powerful drive system, fully adjustable X-type ballast plow, and unique shoulder plows allow the PBR2005 DB to quickly and efficiently move larger amounts of ballast than conventional ballast regulators.

The PBR2005 DB can easily transfer ballast from both toe lines to both shoulders in a single pass. Completing the single pass process, the final track dressing is performed by the trailing Double Broom Unit.

Technical data

Plow Unit
Double Broom Unit
83' 9''
40' 7''
43' 2''
Width 10' 2''
Height 12' 6''
Plow Unit
Double Broom Unit
97,000 lb
50,000 lb
47,000 lb
Wheel Diameter 28''
Engine Power
Plow Unit
Double Broom Unit
330 HP
240 HP
Travel Speed 45 mph

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