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Multiple Tie Tamping

Innovative designs in Multiple-Tie-Tamping provide the latest in tamping machine flexibility. In some regions, track conditions present the challenge of uneven tie spacing, skewed ties and the combined use of wood and concrete ties. In the past, when using high productive, continuous action, multiple tie tamping machines on track with irregular tie spacing, tamping performance was reduced; if equipped, the machine was switched to single tie mode. Due to different tie spacing for wood or concrete ties, machines were equipped with the appropriate tamping units.

Developments in technology brought Multiple-Tie-Tamping to the next level. The Automated Tie Locating Analyzing System (ATLAS) maps the location of ties and positions the tamping units. The Automated Tamping Tool Adjustment (ATTA) allows the machine to react quickly to changing tie conditions.

The new 09-3X C-W DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS Tamping Express is equipped with tamping units that provide the ability to Multiple-Tie- Tamp wood and/or concrete tie track regardless of tie spacing. Through the integration of the newly developed tamping units with ATLAS and ATTA, the 09-3X C-W DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS has the ability to detect tie spacing, position the satellite and adjust the tamping units and tamping tools to tamp three-ties or one-tie automatically. The machine becomes more versatile providing the customer with the highest economic advantage.


Plasser American’s ATLAS (Automated Tie Locating Analyzing System) is a fully automatic tie mapping system. Sensors, installed on each side of the front end of a Plasser tamping machine, detect the distance from a known reference point along the track to each individual tie; the control logic then calculates the distance between the ties and positions each tamping unit above each tie, resulting in a fully automatic tamping machine. In the case of the 09-3X the ATLAS also determines if the machine will tamp one or three ties at a time.


Plasser’s ATTA (Automated Tamping Tool Adjustment) is a system which can be installed on multiple tie tamping machines such as the 09-3X, 09-32 and 08-32. The system works in conjunction with the ATLAS. The measured tie location information determines the opening width of the tamping tools using hydraulic valves. The use of the ATTA allows multiple tie tamping machines to work on wood or concrete track even with irregular tie spacing.

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