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08-16 NT

The Plasser Nipper Tamper 08-16 NT is a specially designed tamping machine used in conjunction with an individual tie exchange system or with conventional tie replacement gangs.

The 08-16 NT provides final tie positioning (lateral), alignment and centering of the new tie using the Final Tie Positioning device and a built in “Nipper” device which holds the tie tight to the base of the rail while two standard, eight tool tamping units (16 tools total) tamp the tie.

Plate brushes are located at the rear of the machine to clean ballast off the ties for the placement of tie plates. Its compact design and light weight allow for flexibility when transporting with flat cars or road trucks.

Technical data

Length41' 6"  
Width9' 9"  
Height10' 4"  
Weight66,000 lb
Axle Distance30' 4"  
Engine Power330 HP
Travel Speedup to 45 mph
Max. working radius14,6 degrees

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