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09-2X C.A.T.

The Plasser Continuous Action Tamper 09-2X C.A.T. is a heavy duty, high speed, continuous action production track tamping machine. All track working units are mounted on separate, satellite frames. The primary work unit is mounted within the 09-2X C.A.T.’s main frame, and the secondary work unit is towed behind as a trailer. The primary satellite indexes from tie to tie, skipping every other tie, while the secondary satellite tamps every skipped tie. The 09-2X C.A.T. is equipped with fully automatic track lifting, lining and crossleveling capabilities, AGGS, PLC and diagnostic system.

Technical data

Length 85' 9''
Width 9' 6''
Height 10' 10''
Weight 105,000 lb
Wheel Diameter 28''
Engine Power 325 HP
Travel Speed 35 mph

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