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The Plasser 09-32 DYNACAT is a heavyduty, high speed, continuous action switch and production track tamping machine with an integrated dynamic track stabilizer. Tamping and lifting units are mounted on a separate satellite frame that is attached to the main frame. While the satellite indexes from tie to tie during the actual work process (lifting, lining, cross-leveling, and tamping), the machine’s main frame with stabilizer system moves smoothly and continuously. The operator’s cabin, power unit, main hydraulic components, electronic systems, etc., are installed on the main frame.

The machine is standard equipped with with a PLC CAN bus control system and fully automatic, computer controlled (AGGS) lifting, leveling and lining systems. Dynamic track stabilization provides controlled, accurate track settling with the aid of a reference system.

Optionally, the 09-32 DYNACAT can be equipped with Plasser’s Automated Tie Locating Analyzing System (ATLAS).

Technical data

Length 89'
Width 10' 6''
Height 12'
Weight 155,600 lb
Wheel Diameter 28''
Engine Power 525 HP
Travel Speed 45 mph

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