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The Plasser Continuous Action Tamper 09-3X C-W DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS is a heavy-duty, high speed, continuous action production track tamping and stabilizing machine. The tamping units are mounted on a separate, self-propelled, satellite frame. While the satellite indexes three ties at a time during the actual work process, the machine’s main frame with stabilizer system moves continuously.

The 09-3X C-W DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS is fitted with tamping units capable of tamping concrete as well as wood ties. The uniquely designed tamping units, in conjunction with Plasser’s ATLAS and ATTA systems, are fully adjustable and automatically tamp track even with irregular and skewed tie spacing. The 09-3X C-W DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS is also capable of tamping one tie at a time, therefore making it highly versatile for different track conditions.

The high production capability of the 09-3X C-W DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS is especially important for high density railways, where track availability is minimal. The Tamping and Dynamic Track Stabilization process is carried out concurrently with only one operator. Everything that is tamped is stabilized during the work process.

Technical data

Length133' 3"  
Width9' 5"  
Height13' 5"  
Weight346,100 lb
Max. working radius10 degrees
Max. travel radius14,6 degrees
Truck Distance Tamper51' 8"  
Truck Distance Stabilizer39' 4"  
Engine Power Tamper583 HP
Engine Power Stabilizer447 HP
Travel Speed60 mph

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