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Switch/Production Tamping Machine with Tamping Trailer

The Plasser GRM3000T is a heavy-duty, high performance switch and production tamping machine. It is a multi-function tamping machine and has fully automatic track lifting, lining, and cross-leveling capabilities specially designed for the stringent requirements of high density, high tonnage railways, shortlines and contractors. The machine’s compact design and weight allow for flexibility when transporting with flat cars or road trucks. The Plasser GRM3000T utilizes design concepts and components that have been well proven worldwide. The machine is constructed for ease of operation and maintenance.

Use of well proven components

The heavy duty tamping units and rail clamps are well-proven components also used on machines of the DYNACAT and UNIMAT series tamping machines. During working operation and track travel both axles of the PTS90C and GRM3000T are powered hydrostatically. The GRM3000T is standard equipped with Plasser’s PLC system. Touch screen monitors allow quick access to all machine functions. The integrated diagnostic system assists the operator with effective trouble shooting. The sturdy control system works at temperatures of –40° F to 158° F. In the development, particular attention was paid to ergonomic design. All operating controls are incorporated in the armrests of the operator‘s seat. The monitor showing the measured values is located directly within the operator‘s field of view. Moreover, diagnostics and service data can be accessed from the workplace.


The GRM3000T is equipped with TAMPLINK®, Plasser American’s universal interface to connect different types of Plasser American machines/equipment with a tamping machine to increase work performance and provide more flexibility. The interface includes all necessary electrical/electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical connections. Dependent on the actual work requirements, the customer can choose between a GRM2X Tamping Trailer or a PTS90C Stabilizer to fulfill the ordered work performance without modifications to the machine/equipment and without additional operators.

The control system automatically detects what type of machine/equipment is connected and sets up the linked machines/equipment accordingly. This enables an economical use of the machine fleet. You gain the ability to purchase the basic machine/equipment today and expand the product and service portfolio by purchasing additional equipment later.


The optional GRM2X Tamping Trailer is an integrated, independently working tamping trailer that can be connected to the GRM3000T via TAMPLINK® to increase productivity levels. While the GRM3000T indexes from tie to tie skipping one tie during the actual work process (lifting, lining, cross leveling, and tamping), the GRM2X tamping trailer, which is mechanically connected at all times and controlled by the GRM3000T, tamps every skipped tie. The mechanical connection allows the trailer to work like a conventional satellite tamper in a continuous action motion, with the added safety of a physical connection. The tamping trailer is self-contained with its own power unit, hydraulic components, electronic systems, etc.

Production rate: 3200 feet per hour

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Technical data GRM3000T

Length52' 2"  
Width9' 6"  
Height10' 8"  
Weight70,500 lb
Axle distance30' 4"  
Engine Power325 HP
Travel Speedup to 45 mph
Max. travel radius28 degrees
Work radius – long reference17,7 degrees
Work radius – short reference23 degrees


Length34' 5"  
Width9' 5"  
Height8' 8"  
Weight42,501 lb
Axle distance18'  
Engine Power270 HP
Travel Speedup to 45 mph
Max. travel radius28 degrees
Max. working radius28 degrees

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