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Integrated Auxiliary Turn-out Lifting System

The Plasser Integrated Auxiliary Turn-out Lifting System consists of a hydraulically-operated, telescopic, auxiliary-track-lifting clamp mounted on each side of the machine adjacent to the main track-lifting clamp.

These clamp assemblies provide a precisely-controlled lift of the outside turn-out rail during switch-tamping operations. The auxiliary clamps are controlled from the operator's cabin, with the amount of lift determined automatically by the machine's electronic surfacing and cross-level control system.

The use of the system during switch tamping operations greatly reduces stress applied to rail fasteners, ties and rails, and applies uniform lift at three points in the long tie areas of switches.

The need for cumbersome, manually-placed track jacks, hydraulic hose reels, and the related maintenance cost is eliminated. Labor costs can be reduced; and safety hazards associated with the placement and operation of conventional track jacks during switch-tamping operations are eliminated. Due to the system's integrated design and its lifting function that coincides with main machine operations, overall performance is greatly enhanced.

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