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The Plasser PST16SW is a heavy-duty production tamping machine ideal for spot tamping and switch tamping jobs in yards or sidings and as a chase tamper. It is also ideal to be used in tie and rail replacement gangs.

The PST16SW is fitted with two, specially designed, eight tool tamping units (16 tools total) that tamp the tie. Each tamping unit is laterally adjustable to allow complete switch tamping. Each of the four tamping unit halves can be individually raised and lowered.

The PST16SW is specially designed to negotiate and work on 3rd rail Transit Systems and is equipped with a clamp to hold the machine to the rail while tamping.

The PST16SW is also available with TampLink®, Plasser American’s universal interface to connect different types of Plasser American machines/ equipment with a tamping machine to increase work performance and provide more flexibility.

The TampLink® allows the PST16SW to be coupled to a GRM3000T to work as one machine for increased productivity. The interface includes all necessary electrical/ electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical connections.

Technical data

Length29' 8"  
Width9' 1"  
Height11' 2"  
Weight42,999 lb
Engine Power260 HP
Travel Speedup to 40 mph
Max. working radius23 degrees

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