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AGGS Cloud - Integrated track geometry analysis

Tampers can now be furnished with software enabling automatic background upload of AGGS (AutomatedGeometry- GuidingSystem) track geometry data files into the web based Datamatic. Any person who has a login to the PlasserSmartMaintenanceSuite can access the AGGS data for viewing or downloading the data for further processing with an AGGS office system.

For viewing and comparing AGGS data only, Plasser has developed the web viewer application. The app allows the viewing of a set of AGGS data in the web browser. The display allows showing or hiding parameters. If before and after tamping measurements are uploaded, both data sets can be overlaid.

The Datamatic web app allows viewing, as well as overlaying, AGGS data with a second set, i.e. to compare the track before and after tamping.

If a power user wants to modify the data to get the optimum tamping solution, he can download the data to a local computer and process it with an AGGS office system. Soon, the web version will allow the editing of track geometry data as well. Track Geometry Data modified by the AGGS office system can be uploaded back into the Datamatic cloud. From there, it will be automatically transferred to the tamper. A notification will pop up to inform the operator that a new tamping solution is available.

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