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Service & Spare Parts: Cost-Efficient for a Lifetime


Plasser American offers many options to make machine operation more economical in the long-term, with the objective to enable carrying out contracts in a far more profitable way. Today’s track maintenance efficiency is unprecedented.

This is mostly due to the mechanized work methods introduced by Plasser American, which provide fresh stimulus again and again. Particularly during times of constraining and rigorous economic conditions in the entire railway sector, new ideas and innovative approaches are in demand. One crucial question is asked frequently: How can the viable efficiency of our machines be upheld as long as possible?

The advantages of the OEM part make operations cost-effective.

We have been concentrating on this from the start. Maintenance services, such as repairs and overhauls, can be performed with well-proven Plasser American quality.

The same applies for the training center in Chesapeake, VA, and at the customer’s location. Here, our customers’ personnel have the possibility to attend comprehensive training programs to learn about correct operation, servicing and maintenance.

The supply of OEM spare parts and wear parts is also important. Production, storage and dispatch of these high-quality parts form an extensive system with a dimension that is unique in this branch of industry.

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