We are actively engaged in all sectors of research, design, production, marketing and customer service to provide Plasser know-how and standard of quality for our customers.

Our capacity is not only sufficient to build all machines for the national market, but also to produce for export.

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Plasser American has grown from a small operation with five employees in 1961 to now more than 300 employees and continuing to expand. In 2021, we celebrated our 60-year anniversary with the dedication of a brand new 45,000 square foot office building. Additionally, the entire assembly area including the warehouse will be expanded to 229,000 square feet. Output will be increased by more than 100% due to the new assembly production flow, the efficient design of the workspaces and additional employees.


In 1973, the plant was expanded, and production increased for manufacturing Universal Roadmaster and Universal Yard Tampers. Since then, several additional expansions were completed to further increase production capacity and better serve our customers.


During the mid-1960’s, our company was renamed Plasser American Corporation and in 1970, the plant was relocated to the East Coast in Chesapeake, Virginia. Due to its location in a milder climate, it became possible to test machines year-round. Chesapeake is also very close to the Atlantic seaport of Hampton Roads.


From 1968, with the introduction of the first machine in compact design, the sales volume rose dramatically. Compared with 115 machines sold during the first ten years, sales rose to 790 in the next ten years.


In 1961, Plasser Railway Maintenance Corporation was founded in Rockford, Illinois, to support machines that were being delivered in the mid-west and western U.S. In Rockford, production was carried out for the national market and for export overseas to countries such as Turkey and Pakistan.


In 1957, the first Plasser & Theurer machine was delivered in the U.S. to the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company. During the first few years, most machines supplied were used in the Eastern U.S., therefore the customer service center was located in New Jersey until 1960.