Our range of services


Expert Service – Expert Support

With our large fleet of diverse machines, we have the exact solution for your needs. We offer the highest availability in the industry, giving you extraordinary operational reliability across our entire fleet.

From tamping and stabilizing to ballast bed, shoulder cleaning and rail treatment, Plasser American Contracting services can help you reduce track maintenance costs, increase cost-efficiency and deliver exceptional operational benefits. Our current contracting fleet is continuously extended but consists of machines for:

  • Tamping,
  • Ballast Distributing and Profiling,Stabilization and Consolidation,
  • Ballast Bed Cleaning,
  • Shoulder Cleaning and,
  • Rail Treatment

We have a large fleet of diverse machines that combines performance with quality. Our operational fleet reliability lies over 98%.

Maintenance of Way

Innovation for your Foundation

There’s a reason why so many of our machines are actively in use across North America today—they’re designed with customers in mind, and with the uncompromising quality you can expect from Plasser American. We offer a huge portfolio of standardized machines (ATO) or special designed machines (ETO) for individual requirements of transits, high-speed or heavy haul tracks.

Our machine portfolio covers:

  • Tamping
  • Ballast Management
  • Ballast Bed Cleaning
  • Track Renewal and Track Laying
  • Material Logistic
  • Stabilization and Consolidation
  • Measurement

Digital Solutions

Having the right information at the right time

At the core of Plasser American’s integrated solutions is the reliable Track Geometry Measurement System, which detects track faults quickly and precisely during spot maintenance—and depending on your requirements, we can also provide additional data on the rail profile and wear. We offer solutions for all types of track recording and inspection, including catenary systems and track surroundings. Our measurement systems offer relevant, accurate and simple to access data that ensure optimal performance for all maintenance tasks.

With an eye on perpetual innovation, we help you turn insights into action — empowering your day-to-day business operations, decisions about track maintenance and renewal, and your short- and long-term investment plans. Turn insights into action.