Customer Services

Plasser American Corporation offers a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Long-term service contracts for various types of track maintenance projects.
  • Machinery overhaul and upgrade services at our facilities in Chesapeake. This extends the useful working life of machines and gives our customers the benefit of the latest technologies and developments.
  • Component rebuild services at our facilities for major machine components such as:
    • Tamping Units
    • Stabilizing Units
    • Satellites
    • Weld Heads
    • Axles
    • Electronic measuring devices
    • Circuit boards, etc.

Spare and Wear Parts:
this is how we supply you with original spare parts reliably and on time

With original spare parts from Plasser American your company has threefold certainty. Firstly, the operational certainty for your machines because our spare parts are a perfect fit and are produced at high quality. Secondly, the certainty of accessing state-of-the-art technology. And thirdly, the certainty of being able to obtain suitable parts even after decades. Find out more about our Spare and Wear Parts department's services here...

Life Enhancement:
increase the performance of your time-tested machines

The continuous advancement of technology creates opportunities to increase the efficiency of machines. At the same time, the market is constantly changing and requires continuous adaptation. New opportunities can also be seized upon with your time-tested Plasser American machines. This is where our Life Cycle Enhancement department, which offers a comprehensive range of services, comes into play. They include everything from modification and retrofitting to machine upgrades and full retrofits - all provided with the high quality Plasser American is known for. It extends the service life of your machines and enables you to increase their performance. 

Training and Support:
how customers become happy partners

Plasser American machines create a perfectly functioning entity that is supported by precise measuring systems and complex control systems. The more skilled the operating staff, the higher the machines’ profitability. This is why we offer professional training courses in which participants learn about machine technology and how to put it into practice. In addition, our Support and Training provides a variety of services that open up new dimensions for collaboration with our customers. Our goal: to have more and more customers become happy partners. Read more about this topic here ...