The scope of the PlasserSmartMaintenance intiative has been growing steadily. It comprises applications that have already been implemented in certain areas. The central platform consists of specific apps with networked cloud solutions and web services. They primarily aim to enable easy access to the relevant data on individual machines, fleets and infrastructure.

Smart apps, online availability and virtual tools have become indispensable in the digital age. Smart Maintenance is a useful tool for decision-makers and machine staff. It enables them to live up to the ever increasing requirements. To allow for easy control of complex machine technology - that is our objective.

Knowing the machine’s position and key information in real time is crucial to operation managers and schedulers. Today, the number of monitoring providers is high. PlasserDatamatic is a standardised interface between GPS data, engine data, filling levels and working parameters.

Soon, we will offer a new version of the PlasserDatamatic - a browser-based user front-end for machine information, reports and analyses. The feedback of our international customers provides the basis for the features of the revised application.

As a single point of access PlasserDatamatic offers:

  • Last events: A machine’s log entries are accessible and retraceable for one week.
  • Integrated user help: All data on the machine is available via one access point. Operating instructions are stored in PlasserDatamatic.
  • Dashboards for personalized configuration: Every user selects the machine parameters in the dashboard and creates a customised display.
  • Servicing: Reports of the MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG) can be accessed centrally, including photos, check lists, notes and even audio files.