Services for tamping, stabilizing and profiling

A Surfacing-Fleet for Every Demand


Ballast Dis­tri­bu­tion and Pro­fi­ling

Sta­bi­li­za­tion and Con­so­li­da­tion

Plasser American Contracting offers a wide range of services for tamping, stabilizing and profi ling. With more than 30 years of contracting experience supporting the railroads and transits in North America, we’re one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Plasser American’s high-speed surfacing, continuous-moving multi-tie tamping machines offer unbeatable performance combined with high-reliability of an OEM. Our surfacing machines include 09-3X or 09-2X and 09-16 DYNACAT with integrated Stabilizer; PBR2005 and PBR2005DB and BDS100/200 for single pass plow.