Tamping Tool

High-quality tamping tools enable higher production outputs and reduce the operating costs of a tamping machine. A new design of the tamping tool allows for a significant cost-effective utilization.

The cost-efficiency of a tamping tool can be measured by the number of tamping cycles. The goal must always be a greater number of tamping cycles and longer intervals between replacements.

In this respect, the OEM tamping tools offered by Plasser American have already set the benchmark. Two decisive factors have made a substantial difference. First, the tool is produced as a monobloc component that is forged in one piece. Second, the tungsten-carbide armor for all surfaces that come into contact with the ballast are subjected to extreme wear.

New design reduces penetration resistance.

However, a better protection is not the only option for reducing wear. From a preventive point of view, it is equally effective to optimize the design so that less wear occurs.

The tool shaft has been designed with a much slimmer shape which reduces the penetration resistance. The underside of the tool plate was also designed with a 5 degree slant. This has the effect that a counterforce is built up as the tool penetrates, thus lowering the forces where the tool is mounted in the tamping unit.

Both of these new features reduce the stresses on the tool as they occur. That in turn reduces the wear – on both the tamping tools and the tamping units.

Long-term tests supply positive results.

In the autumn of 2012, several machines were equipped with the new tamping tool. One of these is the 09-4X Dynamic Tamping Express which is operated in Austria. This machine has performed about 200,000 tamping insertions (status: May 2013).

There are similar results in Turkey where a Duomatic 09-32 CAT was equipped with the new tamping tools. After more than 270,000 tamping insertions (status: May 2013), an inspection revealed no wear.

Apart from these two machines, which received a complete new set of tamping tools, other machines were equipped with individual new tamping tools for test purposes. Up until now, these have also supplied only positive results.

Now available as an OEM spare part.

All our customers can benefit immediately from the advantages of this innovation. The new tamping tool can now be ordered as an OEM spare part.

Further information about the new tamping tool, inquiries and orders can be obtained from:
partsdept@plausa.com or by calling our Parts Hotline: (877) 577-2444.