Ballast distribution system to pick-up, store, transfer and profile the ballast bed in one pass

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  • Save money and ballast by relocating existing capital to different locations
  • Distributing ballast throughout your network with maximum flexibility
  • High-speed ballast profiling and brooming allows to catch up with continuous moving two tie tamping machines ensuring high performance
  • Double broom box for excellent brooming quality
  • Sound and environmentally insulated cabins ensure noise and ducts protection for the operator
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The Plasser Ballast Distribution System consists of two complete, separate units that can work together as one machine, or as two separate machines. The ballast handling capacity of the Plasser Ballast Distribution System can be increased by coupling Plasser MFS-type Conveyor and Hopper Cars between the two units. The BDS 100 and BDS 200 can travel as one unit under their own power at speeds up to 50 mph on level track.

The BDS100 is equipped with a hopper for ballast storage, conveyors to distribute ballast and a fully adjustable x-type ballast plow, and unique shoulder plows to profile the ballast. The BDS200 can be equipped with one or two ballast brooms to sweep the excess ballast from the track and a conveyor to load excess ballast to the BDS100 or to a Plasser MFS-Type Conveyor and Hopper Car. The machine can also be equipped with a water mist system, in order to reduce dust created during the brooming operation.

Technical data BDS100

Length 74' 4''  
Width 10'  
Height 14'  
Weight 215 000 lb
Engine Power 451 HP
Max. working radius 12,7 degrees
Max. travel radius 23 degrees
Truck distance 57' 5"  
Travel Speed 50 mph

Technical data BDS200

Length 76' 6"  
Width 10'  
Height 12'  
Weight 130 000 lb
Engine Power 451 HP
Max. working radius 12,7 degrees
Max. travel radius 23 degrees
Truck distance 44' 4"  
Travel Speed 50 mph

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