Machine with variable equipment

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  • Machine in standard railway vehicle design with crane 275 kNm, loading hook and self-levelling work cage with 350 daN payload
  • Additional slewing range of the cage ± 90° 
  • Endless rotary column and counterweight, column lifting platform which is split into 3 segments, central platform can be raised to a height of 4.500 mm over top of rail 
  • Working range of the two side segments up to 9.000 mm over top of rail and 4.500 mm from centre of track 
  • Load capacity of central platform is 500 daN, the side segments 250 daN each
  • Hydraulic drive for worksite operation and crawling speed acting on both axles in working operation
  • Drive controls in the work platform and on the machine frame
  • UIC brake system with KE valve, buffers and draw hooks
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Variable equipment of the machine

Fittings for the work cages such as lighting, tool trays, supply of power and compressed air, mobile control unit for platform and crawling speed, dual pressure system for operation of the crane unsupported or with side supports, safety equipment for the elevating platform and for the crane, earthing equipment, contact wire and carrying cable holding device, measuring unit for contact wire height and dropper spacing, machine lighting, 230/400V A.C. power supply, particulate filter, lighting and signalling equipment.

Technical data FGW10.018

Length 51' 8"  
Width 10' 2"  
Height 14' 1"  
Weight 88 180 lb
Engine Power 333 HP
Travel Speed 20 mph