ROMILL Urban 3 E³

ROMILL Urban 3 E³

Next Generation High Performance Milling Machine

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Rail milling is an established maintenance technology that is applicable to all maintenance strategies. The innovative ROMILL Urban 3 E³ high-performance transit-milling machine incorporates the next generation of electric rail milling. With its high-capacity battery, the hybrid drive system allows for up to 3 hours of emission-free operations (no CO, CO2 or NOx, etc.). In addition, an integrated Tier 4 F diesel engine acts as a range extender and provides quick-charge capabilities.

The revolutionary new cutter head design results in longer tool life, allowing extended operation capabilities without tool changes. The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology, including metal removal, transversal profile, longitudinal profile, and eddy current system.

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The compact layout of the milling machine fits into the tightest subway tunnels. Its ergonomic three-piece machine design allows for quick dis- / re-assembly and easy truck transportation between properties.

Plasser American contracting services will provide the next level of rail maintenance through the innovative ROMILL Urban 3 E³ milling machine to Transit Systems as well as Freight Railroads in North America.

Technical data ROMILL Urban 3 E³

Length 82'  
Width 7' 8"  
Height 9' 5"  
Metal removal per pass 0,1 - 1,5mm  
Milling speed 1 300 - 4 000 ft/h
Travel speed 37 mph
Min. curve radius 164 (work) / 99 (travel) ft
Weight (total) 77,5 tons
Weight (axle load) 13,3 tons