Transporting pre-assembled turnouts safely to the worksite

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  • No need to dismantle the finished switch at the factory and re-assemble at the worksite keeps the quality high
  • Careful transportation of the complete switch or switch section (no dismantling of the switch drives) with no fouling of the loading gauge during transport and few staff required
  • Own power supply allows a maximum level of flexibility when handling the switches on the transport wagons
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Switch and crossing assemblies are valuable assets requiring careful handling from manufacturing to laying. The WTW switch transport wagon, a four-axle auxiliary vehicle in standard railway vehicle design, was specially developed to transport complete switches or switch sections fully assembled in the factory over long distances. The switch or switch section is mounted on the wagon in horizontal position. Synchronously controlled hydraulic cylinders raise the loading bridges together with the switch into the required slanting position. This ensures that the permissible loading gauge is not exceeded. The WTW carries four hydraulically tilting loading bridges and is equipped with a separate power supply via diesel engine and hydraulic plant. The WTW is equipped with a displacement device, which shifts the center of gravity of the switch in horizontal position towards the center of the machine in order to reduce the tilting moment and also to avoid masts or other railway equipment in the worksite area.

Technical data WTW

Length 82'  
Width 9' 2"  
Height 4' 7"  
Weight 70 600 lb
Bogie Distance 65' 7"  
Engine Power 171 HP
Travel Speed (towed) 50 mph