Proven stabilizer – Consistent uniformed settlement of the ballast bed ensures quality and sustainability

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  • Proven stabilizer technology specifically modified for the North American market
  • Stabilization ensures homogeneous ballast compaction and great lateral track strength reducing the need for slow orders after tamping.
  • Rail bound transport possibilities (self-propelled) up to 50 mph create maximum level of flexibility
  • The machine design allows to hock different machines together (MDZ) and move them through the network
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The Plasser Dynamic Track Stabilizer is designed to apply controlled, accurate stabilizing forces into the track structure at continuous speeds of up to 1.5 mph. All track is subject to settling due to traffic loads. This settling occurs irregularly and uncontrolled, resulting in track deterioration. Dynamic track stabilization is a combination of horizontal vibration and a vertical load. In addition to PLC touch screen controls and state-of-the-art design, the machine offers precise lowering via controlled stabilization, restored resistance to lateral displacement (after tamping), and reduction in speed restrictions. Extended track maintenance intervals offers savings over the life the machine.

The stabilizing unit is a well proven design developed in 1975 with more than 500 machines in regular use in 44 countries worldwide since 1978.

Technical data PTS62

Length 56' 6"  
Width 9' 4"  
Height 12'  
Weight 130 000 lb
Truck Distance 39' 3"  
Engine Power 475 HP
Travel Speed 50 mph
Working speed up to 1 mph

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