Continuous action track renewal machine for renewal and removal of track

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Conventional lines
Heavy haul
High speed
Field of application
Working mode
Continuous action


  • Track renewal and track laying in continuous working action
  • Careful treatment of the material being removed and installed ensures high quality
  • Installation of long rails and radial laying of new ties in selected spacing
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Machines of the SMD 80 series represent the state of the art in a track relaying concept which excels in terms of performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency. The machine set has been built according to the modular design system, which allows tailor-made solutions to be provided for each specific field of application. Plasser’s high-speed track relaying systems have been in operation in many countries around the world since 1968.

The work units used in the various SMD more than 80 models have proven their worth many times over and offer a high degree of reliability in operation. By fast conversion without additional parts, this machine offers a technology which can be used both for track renewal and for laying new track.

The SMD 80 was developed for operation in short track possessions and is capable of laying and taking up all types of wood, concrete or steel ties. When renewing the track, i.e. rails and ties, it is possible to exchange the rails or to re-install the old rails again.The machine guarantees a high working output and ensures careful handling of the rails and ties.

During track renewal and laying work the SMD 80 is guided by up-to-date controls which enable either the existing track geometry to be preserved or the new track to be displaced in longitudinal level and alignment. All work units and ties transporting systems are controlled and monitored by freely programmable control electronics

Technical data SMD80

Length 145'  
Weight 445 334 lb
Engine Power 630 + 215 HP
Shunting Speed 12 mph