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The Plasser GRM 2000 is an operator friendly, heavy-duty, high performance switch and production tamping machine with a production rate up to 20 ties per minute. It is a multi-function tamping machine specially designed for regional and district gangs, shortlines and contractors.

The GRM 2000 is standard equipped with Plasser’s PLC CAN bus control system and AGGS lifting leveling and lining systems. Touch screen monitors allow quick access to all machine functions. The integrated diagnostic system assists the operator with effective trouble shooting. The machine’s compact design and weight allow for flexibility when transporting with flat cars or road trucks.

The Plasser GRM 2000 utilizes design concepts and components that have been well proven worldwide. The machine is constructed for ease of operation and maintenance.

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Technical data GRM2000

Pro­duc­tion rate up to 1 950 feet/hour
Length 50' 11"  
Width 9' 11"  
Height 10' 5"  
Weight 64 000 lb
Axle distance 30' 5"  
Wheel diameter 28"  
Engine Power 330 HP
Travel Speed up to 45 mph

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