High-Capacity Shoulder Cleaning Machine with dual shaker screening

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  • Auto-leveling function of the shaker box creates a high return rate even in steep-graded curves
  • One single pass to pick up the designated shoulder area
  • Clear and consistent cutting depth ensures the drainage function of the ballast and avoids water pockets in the shoulder
  • Self-propelled shoulder cleaning machines combine high flexibility with high performance with the dual shaker screening system
  • Adjustable cutting depth and width allow to pick up the whole shoulder area creating a high cutting quality and eliminating the risk for trenching
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High volume output and a quality track

The FRM 802 is a High-Capacity Shoulder Cleaning Machine specially designed to work independently or in conjunction with the Plasser RM 802 High-Capacity Undercutting/Cleaning consist on track with pre-dumped ballast. Together these machines produce high volume output and a quality track. The two pick-up chains pick up the shoulder material and transfer it via conveyors to the dual shaker screening system. Conveyors transport the waste material to the front end of the machine where it is discharged. When working together with the RM 802, the cleaned ballast is transported via a series of conveyors to the rear of the machine and passed on to the Ballast Pickup Unit where it is mixed with the picked-up, pre-dumped ballast. The mixed ballast then continues via several more conveyors on multiple machines to the RM 802, where it is put back to the track.

Technical data FRM802

Length 195' 4"  
Width 10' 6"  
Heigth 15' 3"  
Weight 462 970 lb
Wheel Diameter 36"  
Engine Power 1 510 HP
Travel Speed 30 mph