High-Production Ballast Undercutting/Cleaning Machine

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  • Undercutter with dual unit screening system for high performance values
  • Innovative cutter bar design allows a consistent cutting depth and slope ensuring a better cleaning result
  • Three layer screen design ensures maximum ballast recovery
  • Slewable waste discharger conveyer allows to dump waste material on both sides of the track
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The RM802 is a High-Production Ballast Undercutting/Cleaning Machine especially designed to work on track with pre-dumped ballast. The powerful cutting chain and high-capacity, dual unit screening system ensures high working speeds, even in heavily fouled, encrusted ballast.

The Ballast Pick-up Unit picks up the predumped ballast and moves it onto conveyor belts where it is combined with the cleaned balllast coming from the FRM Shoulder Cleaner. Transition conveyor belts fills the first of several MFS type Ballast Conveyor/ Hopper Cars. With the help of these units it is possible to pre-dump ballast at the worksite. The RM 802 cutting chain excavates the ballast and and passes it on to the dual unit screening system. Here the reusable ballast is separated from waste material. A system of conveyors transport the waste material to the end of the machine, where it is discharged. The cleaned ballast is mixed with the pre-dumped, picked-up and stored ballast and put back to the track directly behind the cutter chain. When working in curves, the shaker boxes can be adjusted to compensate for superelevation. With the RM802, production rates of up to 2,000 feet per hour are achievable.

Technical data RM802

Per­for­mance up to 2 000 ft/hour*
Length 204' 8''  
Width 10' 2''  
Height 15' 1''  
Weight 485 000 lb
Wheel Diameter 36''  
Engine Power 1,580 HP
Travel Speed 35 mph

* depending on ballast fouling and excavation depth