High performance Ballast Cleaning machine

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  • Undercutter with dual unit screening system for high performance values
  • Integrated stabilizer for increased track buckling resistance and compaction right after ballast cleaning
  • Innovative cutter bar design allows a consistent cutting depth and slope ensuring a better cleaning result
  • Three layer screen design ensure maximum ballast recovery
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The RM2003 is a high performance Ballast Cleaning machine that gives the highest quality results under the toughest operating conditions. The powerful cutting chain and high capacity screening unit ensures high working speeds, even in heavily fouled, encrusted ballast.

The RM2003 is equipped with a track lifting and slewing device that allows the track to be lifted to reduce the cutting depth when required, and to be shifted laterally as required to clear track side obstacles. With sufficient quantities of cleaned ballast evenly distributed by the oscelating return conveyor and distribution plow, the RM2003 creates a uniformly compact layer of ballast under the ties behind the cutter bar.

Directly ahead of the rear truck assembly, a well proven Plasser Dynamic Track Stabilizing unit provides track stabilisation ahead of the surfacing gang, thus reducing the possibility of track buckling after the ballast cleaning operation. The RM2003’s slewable waste discharge conveyor allows waste material to be discharged to either side onto the right-of-way, or into Plasser MFS-Type Material Handling cars or into open top railway cars.

Technical data RM2003

Length 188' 10''  
Width 10' 2''  
Height 15' 1''  
Weight 484 000 lb
Wheel Diameter 36''  
Engine Power 1 577 HP
Travel Speed 50 mph