09-16 C.A.T.

09-16 C.A.T.

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The Plasser Continuous Action Tamper 09-16 C.A.T. is a heavy duty, high speed, continuous action production track tamping machine. All track working units are mounted on a separate, self-propelled, satellite frame that is mounted within the 09-16 C.A.T.’s main frame. While the satellite indexes from tie to tie during the actual work process (lifting, lining, cross-leveling, and tamping), the machine’s main frame moves smoothly and continuously at a speed that is determined by the operator. The operator’s cabin, the travel cabin, power unit, main hydraulic components, electronic systems, etc., are installed on the main frame. In addition, the advantage of having less vibration and stress transmitted to the main part of the machine which reduces maintenance and down time. The 09-16 C.A.T. is standard equipped with fully automatic, computer controlled (AGGS) lifting, leveling and lining systems.

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Tamping Units

The 09-16 C.A.T. is equipped with two, 8-tool, non-synchronous tamping units. The tamping units have been developed through close cooperation with railways worldwide for over 40 years. The 09-16 C.A.T. tamping units are hydraulically driven, vibratory units and provide ideal ballast compaction under the most demanding conditions. Tamping tool depth and squeeze time is controlled from the operator's cabin. Proportional raising and lowering provide smooth operation of the units.

Rail Clamps

Track surfacing, alignment, and cross-leveling are performed by Plasser's well proven roller clamp assemblies.  These heavy-duty rail clamps continuously clamp both rails and provide accurate vertical and horizontal track geometry corrections, even on jointed rail. Lifting forces are applied at four points on each rail and lining forces are applied at two points on each rail. The lifting and lining forces are applied proportionally for smooth machine operation.

Track Surfacing and Alignment

Track surfacing and alignment references are via Plasser's wire reference systems. The surfacing and lining systems are fully automatic and allow complete, accurate work on tangent track in curves and spirals. The systems are micro-processor-controlled and provide excellent track geometry correction capability. Super-elevation is controlled by an electronic pendulum system.

Technical data 09-16 C.A.T.

Length 54'  
Width 9' 6''  
Height 10' 9''  
Weight 75 000 lb
Wheel Diameter 28''  
Engine Power 340 HP
Travel Speed 45 mph