09-2X C.A.T.

09-2X C.A.T.

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Conventional lines
Heavy haul
High speed
Field of application
Working mode
Continuous action


  • Continuous action production and switch track-tamping machine with high production rates
  • Two ties or single tie tamping operation based on tie spacing and position
  • Split head tamping unit design for turnout tamping with three-point auxiliary turnout lifting system achieving high working quality and lowering long-term maintenance costs
  • PLC touch screen controls for easy diagnoses and trouble shooting
  • Automatic Geometry Guidance System (AGGS) and Automated Tie Locating and Analyzing System (ATLAS)
  • Continuously moving machine frame reduced the impact on the operator during the indexing process of the tamper
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The Plasser Continuous Action Tamper 09-2X C.A.T. is a heavy-duty, high speed, continuous action production track tamping machine. All track working units are mounted on separate, satellite frames. The primary work unit is mounted within the 09-2X C.A.T.’s main frame, and the secondary work unit is towed behind as a trailer. The primary satellite indexes from tie to tie, skipping every other tie, while the secondary satellite tamps every skipped tie. The 09-2X C.A.T. is equipped with fully automatic track lifting, lining and cross-leveling capabilities, AGGS, PLC and diagnostic system.

Technical data 09-2X C.A.T.

Length 85' 9''  
Width 9' 6''  
Height 10' 10''  
Weight 105 000 lb
Wheel Diameter 28''  
Engine Power 325 HP
Travel Speed 35 mph